Chris Cox is a Musician and Much more in Texas. Chris loves making music, writing and sharing his thoughts, pushing all of his projects to the limit.
Chris was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in March of 2006. Since that time he has been a busy guy. Maybe even more so than before he was diagnosed.
A note from Chris

Hey everyone,
Filming is going great on the documentary and we are getting close to wrapping up the new and what I feel like is the best musical project I have been involved with to date. As you guys know every project I do helps fund the next project I do and in most cases just digs my hole deeper and makes things that much more financially challenging. I love making music and showing others with and without ms that I dont give up just because ms is trying to stop me. Most bands tour and play clubs to pay for things like this. Because of my health I have not been able to do that for my projects. I am looking to you guys. My friends, supporters, brothers and sisters of this crazy world we are all a part of to help with any donations that you can make to help with the cost of printing cd's and for other costs to get this music out to the public. You guys know I always send out Cd's , t shirts , books and downloads for helping out and always will because I love what I do and want to share what I do with you guys. So please donate whatever you can to get this cd in the hands of everyone and show the world what a normal guy with ms can achieve with the help of his friends. Much love, Chris
Donate to help get the new CD out to to the world to be heard and keep making projects like this possible.
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OCT 17th 2014